Meet Sarah Foote, a freshman Presidential Scholar living on the all-women’s Honors floor in Manchester Hall.

Sarah came to Illinois State University to earn her degree in painting and graphic design. Once Sarah completes her education, she hopes to gain a career as a Disney Imagineer or somewhere within the field of advertisement.

Sarah is highly involved on her floor. Sarah says that she loves the different opportunities that are found on the Honors floor including floor dinners, field trips to the zoo, and attending programs such as Word Assassins that stems from the floor’s social theme, Divergent (a novel). So far, Sarah’s favorite floor-hosted program has been the floor dinners. She likes being able to interact with her floormates and being able to connect with them on deeper levels outside of their common academic interests.

Sarah is enjoying her experiences at Illinois State University as well. The main feature that Sarah likes about ISU is that it is a larger university, but it has that small school feel. Another reason why Sarah decided to join the Redbird family was that many of her family members are past Redbirds too. On top of Sarah’s family being a great motivator to attend ISU, Sarah has met many student leaders who have made her time here enjoyable and memorable.

In our last TLLC newsletter, we highlighted Honors floor resident assistant (RA) Jen Jaroch for all the hard work she has done in making the floor enjoyable and supportive. Jen encouraged Sarah to expand on a project (a small scale bird sculpture) she created in high school to showcase during Illinois State’s Homecoming.

Given the support, Sarah jumped at this opportunity and decided to create the Reggie Redbird sculpture that can be seen in the Vrooman Center. Sarah and Jen found time between class to gather all the materials needed to create the sculpture and the night before Homecoming week were able to gather a team of floor residents to help them construct the Reggie sculpture (it took a total of seven hours to create!). From start to end, Sarah had a big part in the project (design, construction and leading) and was able to display her talents and her school spirit.

Check out all the photos of the Reggie creation process below!

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