The employment market is more competitive today than ever when it comes to landing a job, especially for those in the arts and sciences field. The arts and sciences often encompass many disciplines and may require a little more effort to find a job than other majors. To help students explore career options, the Career Center is hosting “What are You Going to Do with THAT Degree?” on March 24 from 4:45–6:30 p.m. in 401 Stevenson Hall.

During this event, a panel of alumni from the business/corporate, nonprofit, government, and higher education sectors will help students identify the advantages of having a degree in arts and sciences, learn about career options for their majors, and provide students with an opportunity to meet contacts for internships, Illinois State’s Graduate School, and the Career Center.

Students will be able to identify transferable skills that can be applied while working in any industry, analyze their interests, match potential careers, and recognize Career Center resources that assist students in career exploration. Pizza will be served from 4:45–5 p.m., and the panel will be introduced at 5 p.m.

The Career Center’s mission is to support Illinois State University’s Educating Illinois by assisting student with developing, evaluating and implementing career, education, and employment decisions.

For special accommodations or more information, call the Career Center at (309) 438-2200.