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COB and IT students visit John Deere

Students visit Deere HQ

Students from Illinois State's College of Business and School of Information Technology traveled to John Deere's world headquarters.

Thirty-nine students from Illinois State’s College of Business and School of Information Technology traveled to John Deere’s world headquarters in Moline on November 14 to tour the corporate facilities and the Davenport Works plant—over 52 acres under one roof.

The students met with John Deere leaders (and other Illinois State alums), toured and explored the new work environments being implemented throughout the corporate headquarters, learned about career and internship opportunities with the Deere corporation, and also discovered the important role that agriculture innovation will play as the Earth’s population increases exponentially by the end of the decade.

Site Day is one of Business Week’s fall semester events that is always built around suggestions from the student team that oversees and administers the annual event. In 2013, Site Day was moved to the fall semester as Business Week began to evolve into a series of professional events planned throughout the academic year to culminate in a weeklong series of professional opportunities for Illinois State students across campus during the spring semester.

In keeping with a campuswide theme to include more than just College of Business students, the Business Week team marketed the event across campus and focused to include Information Technology students as well. IT/Technology students were able to visit with Illinois State alums who work at John Deere and hear about their career paths since coming to the company.

“It’s events like this, that provide a preview of professional opportunities, that are invaluable to students,” said Tal Parmenter, coordinator of academic services for the School of Information Technology, who traveled to Moline with the students.

Business Week begins February 23, 2015. For a full listing of events, visit