As you prepare for your transition from high school into college, there is probably something I should share with you. There are no, I repeat, no lockers in college.

But don’t panic, because I have your solution: backpacks. At Illinois State, just as often as you see a student on campus, you will probably see a backpack. So I’m going to give you the inside scoop on all things backpacks.

The first day of school can be scary, but once you have all the necessities I promise you will be feeling like a Redbird in no time.


Here’s what you’ll want in your backpack at all times:

Notebook: Your college-ruled notebook. You know, for notes.


Pens and pencils: To write in said notebook.


Books: Some teachers want you to bring the book to class, and some don’t. Just to be safe, bring it unless they specifically say you can leave it at home.


Keys: There are few things worse than getting locked out of your room. Trust me, I know from experience.


Redbird ID card: This is your gateway to food. You gotta swipe that bad boy to access flex dollars and campus dining. So please, for me, don’t lose it.

Water bottle: Water is the only drink allowed in many classrooms and lecture halls. Take advantage. Besides hydration is so in nowadays.


Snacks: If you have a few classes right after another, you may want a snack to hold you over between meals. Pretzels, an apple, or trail mix all make great snacks to tide you over.


Umbrella: Weather is unpredictable and getting caught in the rain without your umbrella can, and probably will, ruin your whole day. Stay dry. Carry an umbrella.


Disclaimer: You may find you want to bring your laptop to class to take notes on, just know most teachers allow it but some do not, so wait for the final word before hauling it to class with you.

OK future Redbirds, after reading this I know you’re thinking you may have this problem on your first day of class, but I promise you won’t.


One thing I find helpful is packing up my backpack the night before with everything I’ll need the next day. Good luck!

#BirdofMouth student blogger Dana Gleason is a senior public relations major. Read more #BirdofMouth posts.

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    So True! Love this post!