If weight-related goals are on your radar, consider attending Weight Watchers at Work. Held conveniently on campus once a week over lunch, this welcoming program has supported many employees working toward wellness goals. 

The 17-week spring session will run from January 27 to May 19, and will meet over the lunch hour. An informational meeting will be Tuesday, January 20, at noon in 250F McCormick Hall. Specific details about the program, meeting details, and costs will be discussed on the 20th. The informational meeting is free and there is no commitment to join. Employees may also be eligible to seek reimbursement for program costs through CMS (Illinois Department of Central Management Services).
Here is what Illinois State University participants have had to say about their Weight Watchers at Work experience:

“The program really works—I’ve lost 23 pounds so far!”
“The Weight Watchers at Work is a very warm and welcoming group: They allow you to share your issues without feeling judged or condemned.”
“I appreciate the support I get at meetings as well as learning about the ways other people navigate the program.”
“A great benefit is meeting people from all across the University.”
“I enjoy the convenience of the meetings being on campus. I don’t think I would have the energy to attend a meeting after work and I don’t want to have to attend a meeting on the weekends.”
“The group is very supportive in helping everyone meet their goals.”
“We are from different age ranges, diverse backgrounds, and different stages in life, which brings the program in full spectrum of the well-rounded dynamic of being a person who wants to lose weight.”
“I really appreciate the interaction with others. It allows me to see that weight struggles are not just something personal that I am going through and that there are others just like me working and fighting to lose weight.”
“I love the healthy swap options that the group provides. The majority of the time they are food options I haven’t considered, so I go home, try it, and love it!”
“It’s inspiring to hear people share their testimonies of what they accomplished that week. It really motivates you to keep going and share your story too.”

What: free Weight Watchers at Work informational meeting
When: noon Tuesday, January 20
Where: 250F McCormick Hall
For whom: Illinois State University employees