Alina Crowley

#BirdofMouth student blogger Alina Crowley is a sophomore public relations major.

People wonder how us Midwesterners battle through the cold every winter. It may not always be enjoyable, but here are a few insights to help you win that battle this winter at the frosty Illinois State.

Because if the squirrels can do it, so can you.

Dress warm

Living in the Midwest in the middle of the winter isn’t always sunshine and flowers. So dress ‘til you drop! The phrase “walking to school” is not referring to traveling from your parents’ car to the door of your high school anymore.

Getting to your classes at college is a bit of a transition. That being said, I am not Elsa and the cold does bother me. Since I have about a 10-minute walk to get to class I make sure I bundle up. Hat, gloves, scarf, boots, I pack it all. You never know what kind of weather Illinois will throw at us.

Hint: It’s winter, there’s only so much you can do to look cute, so ditch the denial of winter clothes and bundle up. Trust me, you will save yourself a trip to the doctor!

Pack a pair of ice skates

Ok, maybe not realistically, but living in an apartment this year, not every sidewalk is always shoveled on my way to class. I find myself shuffling my feet rather than walking! Pay attention to where you’re walking so you’re not plunging to the ground! Once you get on campus it’s slip-free, as the paths are always plowed.

Hint: Invest in a nice pair of snow boots to trek around campus for some stability!

Stock up on food

In the winter, I find myself making fewer trips to the grocery store and dining center than I do when it’s nice out. There are always those days when it’s just too cold to make the trek to pick up dinner. Like I mentioned before, it’s important to bundle up, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. So keep a few easy meals and snacks at home for these snowy days.

Hint: We know we’re not going to get snowed in for weeks (hopefully) but buying some non-perishable food like soup, peanut butter, and pasta is a good idea to have just for those days the outside isn’t looking too appealing.

Don’t get the winter blues

After New Year’s, I always find myself dreading another day of cold and wishing I could wake up the next morning to sunny and 75 degrees. So I stock my iPod with music that reminds me of the warm summer weather. It really helps me get through those frosty days!

Hint: When I think of summer, I think of country concerts and sitting around a bonfire listening to music. So my choice of music is always country to help the winter go by a little faster. If you don’t already listen to country, try it out this winter and it will help diminish those winter blues.

Outside or inside, make the best of it.

Buddy the Elf GIF

On a positive note, let’s be honest, snow can be pretty awesome. One, it makes awesome Instagram pictures and two, who says we are too old to enjoy it? Even though winter and I are not on the best of terms I still like to go outside and have fun with my friends.

Hint: When it does get too cold there’s this thing called Netflix and there’s this show called Friends. Put those together and a relaxing day inside might be all you need.

#BirdofMouth student blogger Alina Crowley is a sophomore public relations major. Read more #BirdofMouth posts.