Are you getting ready to leave your apartment for spring break? Leadership and Community Connections offers the following tips for students:

• Lock doors and windows.
• Set thermostat to a specific temperature, usually specified in the lease.
• Consider taking important valuables with you.
• Unplug any chargers.
• Pay rent and utilities.
• Take out trash.
• Empty mailbox.
• Do not pack belongings in your car the night before as this causes easy access for items to be stolen.
• Clean the refrigerator.
• Inventory/document valuable items left in the apartment.
• Check with your landlord about any other specific instructions before leaving for an extended period of time.

Whether students are planning to stay on campus or go somewhere for spring break, here are some helpful tips to remember:

• Follow the 0-0-1-3 rule. 0 drinks under 21, 0 drinking and driving, 1 drink an hour, and limit 3 drinks per night. Also, eat before you drink.
• Never leave a drink unattended.
• Use a bathroom! Public urination is an ordinance violation that carries a fine.
• Refrain from drinking from a shared source, such as a jug of jungle juice. Avoid shots and drinking games.
• Underage possession or consumption of alcohol is an ordinance violation that carries a fine.
• If you choose to party, do so in a group of friends. There is safety in numbers.
• Do not mix alcohol with other intoxicants.

For more advice on preparing for breaks, contact Leadership and Community Connections at (309) 438-7346.

Marie Huels was a contributor to this article.