For those of you familiar with the Themed Living Learning Communities (TLLC) program, the next few statements should resonate with you. My main goal for the academic year has and continues to be the transition of the TLLC floors from themed communities to themed living-learning communities with a heavy emphasis on connecting the living-learning aspect to the themed portion of these floors.

With many of the communities offered, the residents on each floor have a common interest that connected them from the very beginning (whether major based or interest based) and we have been utilizing these interests to build communities within these individual floors. This semester we aim to engage the residents in more substantive programs that will allow them to not only connect to each other personally, but engage in meaningful learning outside of the classroom.

At the beginning of the semester, the resident assistants (RAs), residence hall coordinators (RHCs), and I had a training session that focused on restoring the learning goals and outcomes for the different TLLCs housed within the residence halls. One of the main points discussed at the training session was the desire to produce programs that interest residents socially and engage them educationally. With this expectation in place, the University Housing Services’ (UHS) TLLC team has begun planning programs this semester that appeal to crucial aspects of student development. I hope to see through our annual end-of-the-year TLLC survey, that our residents have participated in many of the programs produced.

All in all, this effort is a team effort. I trust that you will be able to assist the UHS staff effectively meet and reach the learning goals and outcomes associated with your communities by the end of this academic year. I look forward to working with you and to the end results!