Meet Brinna Walker. She is the new resident assistant (RA) for the Wellness Themed Living-Learning Community.

Walker is a second-year student pursing a bachelor’s degree in biological science. She is excited for the opportunity to be a RA for the Wellness floor and brings a great outlook in promoting the goals of the TLLC. Get to know more about her below.

What is your favorite part about being an RA?

My favorite part about the RA position is being able to interact with different residents that all share a common interest as me when it comes to wellness.

What have you learned about yourself from living on a TLLC floor?

I have learned a lot about combining my RA responsibilities and my passion for wellness. Being the RA of a TLLC floor has allowed me to share my interests with many different residents and has made me a more confident individual overall.

What kind of learning topics do you and your residents discuss?

We talk a lot about the seven different areas of wellness. My goal for the end of this year is for my residents to understand that it is not just about physical health. There is so much more to wellness than just eating right and working out.

How have you kept balance between your RA position and your academic and co-curricular priorities?

My planner is my lifeline. When it comes to managing my time, all of my due dates for work, school and co-curricular activities alike are in that planner and I use it to write up a weekly to-do list and to schedule out my days.

What challenges, if any, have you had living in a TLLC?

The biggest challenge we have had so far is finding the space to hold all of our programs. Hopefully when it gets warmer we can go outside and have more space to be active.