Metcalf School’s Track Team/Running Club will start practice on Monday, March 16. So far 17 students have signed up to participate. If you missed the “soft deadline” to turn in the registration form by March 2, you are still able to participate.

Before your child is allowed to participate in practice, you will need to turn in the registration form and to have a physical on file with the school nurse and a signed concussion form on file with Athletic Director Steve Paxson.

An information packet was handed out at the Parent Meeting in February. The last page of this information packet contains the registration form. If your child(ren) will be walking home after practices, please indicate this in writing at the bottom of the form.

Fifth graders are being allowed to participate in the Running Club portion of the group along with our sixth–eighth graders! Fifth graders will be allowed to practice with the group to gain experience but will NOT participate in track meets until they are in sixth grade.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Coach Rachel Matyasse.

If you are planning to do any running shoe shopping over spring break, visit Often Running in Normal and let them know your child is a Metcalf runner to receive 15 percent off your (non-sale) purchase!