Have you ever had a question even the Internet couldn’t answer? Well, here is your opportunity to ask one of Illinois State University’s faculty experts.

@ISUResearch is seeking questions about interesting topics that will be passed onto Illinois State professors who will answer the selected questions. The University has experts in crime, politics, chemistry, art—you name it. So help us test the University’s institutional knowledge.

Questions may pertain to popular topics, timely topics, or more cerebral subjects. The University’s professors will provide concise answers to the chosen questions. Here are some example questions:

• What is the weight of the sun?
• Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
• Why do we have vestigial organs?

The questions and the corresponding answers will be published at @ISUResearch and in the Redbird Scholar, a new magazine focused on research, creative expression, and scholarship at Illinois State University. The inaugural issue of the magazine will be published in September.

Individuals whose questions are selected will receive Redbird prizes. Submit your questions via Twitter to @ISUResearch or by email to kdberse@IllinoisState.edu. You should include your name; town of residence; and affiliation, if any, with the University.