As the semester is quickly coming to an end, students will need to think about moving out of their off-campus apartment.

Check your lease so you know your move-out day/time, and if you aren’t sure, contact your leasing company right away. If you are graduating, it is possible that your commencement ceremony will occur after your move-out time. Be sure to plan ahead accordingly as leasing companies do not often have the ability to adjust the move out time for individual students.

Because moving can be overwhelming, the following tips will help students reduce stress and keep track of all the necessarily details before departure:

• If you were responsible for arranging your own utilities (phone, power, water, cable, etc.), be sure to contact the utility companies to cancel those.

• Make arrangements for transporting or storing your personal belongings.

• Look for opportunities to donate any unused food or clothing and furniture you no longer want, rather than putting it in the trash or on the curb.

• Clean, clean, clean! You want to leave your apartment in the best condition possible so you can get your security deposit back.

• Take date-stamped photos or video of your apartment after you move out so you have documentation of the condition you left it in.

• Set an appointment to do a walk-through of your apartment with a leasing agent. You will be asked to sign off on any damages they identify. Be sure you thoroughly read that paperwork and don’t sign anything you don’t agree with.

• If you do not receive your full security deposit back, you can request an itemized list of charges. If you dispute any charges, contact the Students’ Attorney for an appointment.

For any questions about the move-out process, please contact Leadership and Community Connections at (309) 438-7346.

Marie Huels was a contributor to this article.