Expanded wireless capabilities are offering a wider range and broader access to wireless users inside and in the immediate proximity of campus buildings.

Wireless upgrades are now complete in several high-traffic areas on campus, including the Bone Student Center and Milner Library. Upgrades to Moulton, Schroeder, and Williams halls’ wireless networks, as well as to the Science Lab Building, are also finished. Thanks to specific technical improvements—including enhanced wireless standardization and more than doubling the data-carrying capabilities of the network—each of these buildings is now providing a wider area of service and a broader spectrum of coverage.

These improvements will especially benefit higher-density areas like lecture halls and student recreational areas. Overall, these enhancements will better prepare Illinois State University to offer its students, faculty, and staff even more comprehensive coverage, allowing users to experience faster and more reliable wireless capabilities in and near buildings across campus.

The project was approached in multiple phases. Phase I concluded with completing upgrades in heavy student-use areas, dense academic environments, and buildings without existing coverage. Phase II is currently in progress, and focuses on other heavy-use academic spaces and administrative areas, including Stevenson Hall, State Farm Hall of Business, and Facilities. Work on Phase II items will continue through the year and cover more than 25 building spaces in total.

Future phases will see updates to wireless access on the Quad, as well as additional academic and administrative building spaces.