The Black and Latino Male Summit will return to campus Saturday, April 11, to the theme Men of Steel.

“Men of Steel represents someone who can persist and succeed, despite the obstacles and adversity they may encounter,” said Ashley Hicks of Diversity Advocacy, which sponsors the summit along with the registered student organization The Black and Latino Male Movement.

“The students really wanted this summit to focus on building confidence, overcoming adversity, and doing so with honor, integrity, and good character,” added Hicks.

The summit will run from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. in the Bone Student Center. Though geared toward Illinois State students, faculty and staff are also welcome to register by Friday, March 27. Faculty and staff interested in serving as a workshop presenter for this event can complete the program proposal submission form here.

This is the third year for the Black and Latino Male Summit, which aims to provide a forum to support and equip men of African American and Latino descent with the tools necessary to thrive in society.

“The goals of the summit are to raise awareness, create a sense of camaraderie, discuss issues pertinent to both cultures, and cultivate opportunities to build coalitions,” noted Hicks. The summit focuses each year on pillars. The Men of Steel summit will highlight accountability, nobility, resiliency, scholarship, and unity.

Hicks said the summit will provide a space for dialogue, introspection, and reflection on the experiences of black and Latino males and examine opportunities for advancement for these populations. “We hope the summit will initiate a stronger support network among black and Latino males on campus. It will also provide an opportunity for students to learn about strategies in overcoming adversity without compromising nobility–or good character.”

For additional information on the summit, contact Hicks at 438-8968.