New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2015 Impact Award. Students are contacted to nominate an individual at Illinois State who has made a difference in their education and academic success.

image of the Impact Awards logoThis award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on our new students and on student retention.


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.

Academic Advisors:

Priyanka Aich, M.A., M.B.A., Academic Advisor, University College

Tamekia Yvette Bailey, M.S., Sponsored Project Technical Coordinator, University College

Senesta Davis*, M.S.W., Sponsored Project Program Coordinator, University College

Jessica Marie Flood, Academic Advisor, University College

Brenton Thomas Kane, Academic Advisor, University College

Julie Ann Navickas, M.S., Academic Advisor, School of Communication

Amy Lynn Oberts, M.S.  Associate Director, Honors Program

Erik Rankin, M.S., Academic Advisor, Politics and Government

Aaron Edward Von Qualen, M.S., Coordinator Honors Student Program, Honors Program



Adu Nana Acheampomah, School of Biological Sciences

Karyn N. Baldwin*, Bilingual/Bicultural Education

Creighton M. Budris, English

Paige Renee Cross, Undeclared

Anthony Crudup, Undeclared

Jaime Michelle Earl, Psychology

Elayna Marie Falcon, Family and Consumer Science

Katelyn Elisabeth Fix, School of Music

Sarah Irene Ford, School of Theatre and Dance

Vanessa Corinne Foreman, Resident Assistant, University Housing – Monroe Hall

Melanie Marie Foss, Management and Quantitative Methods

Antonio Kipland Foster, Resident Assistant, University Housing – Marshall Hall

Austin R. Garcia, Mathematics

Danielle Nichole Hall, Agriculture

Carolyn Sue Johnson, Special Education

Brianna Che Lynn Johnson*, School of Information Technology

Devin Lacey Ledlow, Criminal Justice Sciences

Cecelia Marie Long, School of Communication

Morgan Evelyn Loy, Management and Quantitative Methods

Priscilla Nicole Marrero, Special Education

Brenda Jean Nedved, Special Education

Katlyn Marie O’Neil, Management and Quantitative Methods

Scott Nicholas Piekarski, Resident Assistant, University Housing – Manchester Hall

Eric Victor Rehm, School of Music

Savannah Michelle Robinson, Resident Assistant, University Housing – Smith Hall

Max Joseph Sagan, Arts Technology

Garrett Richard Salger, Resident Assistant, University Housing – Wilkins Hall

Tara Ann Saracino, Chemistry

Miles Michael Spann, Politics and Government

Matthew William Weber, School of Biological Sciences

Jessica M. Whitmore, Marketing

Jordan Tays Wood, School of Biological Sciences

Zachry Storm Zamora, School of Kinesiology and Recreation




Wendy Leigh Alexander, Administrative Clerk, Office of Admissions

Marcus Alouan, M.S., Director, Gamma Phi Circus

Angela S. Davenport, M.S. in Ed, Coordinator, Dean of Students, Diversity Advocacy

Larry H. Dietz, Ph. D., President, President’s Office

Joan Ellen Gjesfjeld, Staff Counselor, Student Counseling Services

Megan Elizabeth Koch, M.A., Director, Forensics, School of Communication

Gina Marie Paxson, Graduate Assistant, Honors Program

Tiara Kyail Randle, Graduate Assistant, University College

Robert Rhykerd, Ph. D., Department Chairperson, Agriculture

Shawn C. Rigsby, Assistant Director, Financial Aid, Financial Aid

Keenan O. Wimbley, Assistant to the Director Int Athletics, Athletics Study Center



Richard Walter Baptist, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Cynthia L. Brown, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Lea Kimberly Cline, Assistant Professor, School of Art

Stephen Frank Croker, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Psychology

Roger Paul Day, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

William Douglas Dowell, M.S., Instructional Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Sarah Gentry, Mus.D., Professor, School of Music

Lee Anne R. Hale, Lecturer, School of Communication

Heidi M. Harbers, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Communication Science and Disorders

Elaine Clarista Hardy, Ph.D, RN, Assistant Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing

Ashley Morgan Hembrough, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Biological Sciences

Karen A. Hosack, J.D., Instructional Assistant Professor, Finance, Insurance, and Law

Jeremy Allen Hurley, Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Palramani Karthikeyan, Ph. D., Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Olaya Ann Landa-Vialard, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Special Education

Caitlin Brooke Landsman, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Communication

Nicole Lee Lindenmier, Graduate Assistant Teaching, Languages, Literature & Cultures

Eric Austin Longfellow, Graduate Assistant Teaching, English

Francis William Macarthy, Graduate Assistant Teaching, English

Tracy Lynn Mainieri, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology and Recreation

Lisa Marie Martin, Lecturer, School of Communication

Donald Eugene Meyer, Lecturer, Agriculture

Rebecca Jo Rosenblatt, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Physics

Elke Segelcke, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Languages, Literature & Cultures

James Michael Stanlaw, Ph. D., Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Benjamin Mitchell Stiers, D.M.A., Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Music

Carson Hamill Varner, J.D., Professor, Finance, Insurance, and Law

Connor M. Walters, Ph. D., Professor, Family and Consumer Science


*Received more than one nomination

For more information on the Impact Awards, go to the University College website.