Graduation marks a celebration of transitions and accomplishments. At the end of each year, graduates from Illinois State University’s College of Business receive a special pin to commemorate these transitions and accomplishments.

Just prior to walking out onstage to receive their diploma, graduates have a ceremonial last interaction with faculty, where they are handed this symbol as a reminder of their time here at Illinois State. As these pins are given to each student, a gamut of emotions is shown, ranging from pride and thankfulness to surprise and appreciation. This pin is exclusive to graduates but is also given to alumni who graduated prior to the pin’s existence, in the event of a visit back to campus.

Daniel Goebel, associate dean for Academic Programs for the College of Business, was the mastermind behind the creation and design of the pin. In Goebel’s design for the pin, he wanted to help preserve a sense of community for graduates, to give them an affinity for their college, and to act as a symbol of their professionalism when worn at receptions or professional events.

The design is distinct in shape, containing a three-dimensional effect and a perspective view of the current College of Business, so that it can be recognized at a glance, hopefully to spark remembrance or to give common ground in professional endeavors. Overall, this pin is to act as a symbol of pride for our graduates, not only in their degree but in the institution from which their degree came, as well as to show our graduates that the College of Business is mutually proud of their achievements.

2 thoughts on “College of Business pin commemorates graduates’ transitions, accomplishments

  1. Ryan says:

    Who should ISU COB alumni contact if they are interested in commemorative pin? Thx

  2. Ryan Denham says:

    If you are interested in a pin or would like learn more information, please feel free to contact the College of Business Dean’s Office at or by calling 309-438-2251.