Redbird pride was on display from coast to coast throughout the football season, which ‌climaxed as the team competed for the FCS national championship. Beyond the hundreds who made the trek to Texas to cheer in the stands, alumni unable to attend gathered at numerous watch parties.

Alumni Relations partnered with Athletics to help arrange locations where ISU fans could join in a cheering section. Not surprisingly, groups tuned in across campus and Central Illinois. Redbirds also came together in force throughout the Chicago area and far beyond.

Watch parties were scheduled from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. There was plenty of red on display at locations in Nashville, New Orleans and New York. The list grew to include Orlando, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Two especially enthusiastic grads partnered with the Alumni Association to host watch parties in Colorado and Texas.

Jenna Anderson ’07 organized a gathering for every playoff game, inviting Redbirds in the Denver area to The Sportsbook Bar in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The group, shown above, was cheering during the championship finale in January.

Susan Nelson-Brown ’78 of Dallas was among the most confident and loyal football fans, hosting watch parties throughout the entire season. Never doubting that the Redbirds would make it to Texas, she just patiently cheered from the first game in the fall through to the finale.

Watch parties don’t end with the football season, as Redbirds rally to cheer on the basketball team as well. Many televised games throughout the season make it possible to see the action even when unable to return to Redbird Arena.

Don’t know of watch parties in your area? Contact Alumni Relations to see what is available now so you’re ready for the upcoming season. If there are none yet organized, consider being the one to arrange a gathering for games. Get more information by calling (309) 438-2586 or emailing