Student in lounge using laptop

Breaking long online exams into short segments encourages students to save their progress often.

Students using the Test & Quizzes function in ReggieNet need to keep in mind a few important steps to ensure that their work is properly saved in the system. Instructors using this tool to assess students in their summer courses should take a moment to share this information.

Students and Tests

When taking a test through ReggieNet, students should:

  • Only use a desktop or laptop, not a mobile device (like a smartphone or a tablet).
  • Open only one window and one browser. Students should be looking at only the testing screen and not be clicking Modules, Resources & Materials, or any other tools in ReggieNet while taking a test.
  • Save the answers as often as possible. If the questions are all displayed on one page, the “save” button will be at the bottom of the page. Students should periodically click “save” and then scroll back up to answer the questions.
  • Not log in to ReggieNet from multiple tabs, multiple browsers or multiple devices (for example, a computer AND a mobile device).
  • Not use the browser’s Back and Forward buttons.
  • Wait for a confirmation number. After clicking “Submit for Grading,” wait for the submission screen that includes the confirmation number. If you close ReggieNet before seeing this screen, your test may not be recorded.

Test Duration

In addition, the ReggieNet instructional support team strongly suggests that instructors break up online assessments into short segments.  The system timeout occurs after 60 minutes, which means that students who are taking a single, lengthy exam may not have their answers saved. Also, short segments encourage students to save more often.

Getting Help

Instructors can always contact the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology for ReggieNet support by going to and clicking on the ReggieNet logo on the homepage.  Instructors may also email or call the main desk at (309)438-3542.

Student help requests should not be sent to CTLT.  Rather, students should contact the University’s Technology Support Center or (309)438-4357.