Join Reggie Redbird and University Archivist April Anderson as they discuss the evolution of Illinois State University’s mascot as part of the Homecoming 2015 festivities at 4:30 p.m. Friday, October 23, on the Milner Library Plaza.

Reggie and Anderson will be on stage for a television-talk-show-style review of ISU’s mascot. From the earliest days as the Fighting Pedagogs, to the switch to Cardinals and then Redbirds, Anderson and Reggie’s discussion of his past is sure to entertain and educate. With Reggie’s naming in 1981, the story just gets more exciting.

There will also be an exhibit featuring the history of Reggie Redbird on display throughout October in Milner Library, with historic photos, artifacts, and vintage Reggie plumage. So be sure to join Milner Library for the real back story of the bird, as you get ready to back the birds for the game on Saturday!

One thought on “Back[story] of the Bird

  1. Bob Goldstein says:

    I’m the “Bird” in the middle of the photo above and I was the first “Reggie the Redbird” from Fall 1981 through Spring 1983. My duties, besides ISU sporting events and functions, included the ribbon cutting for a new McDonald’s with Ronald, riding in the Farmer City Fair parade, and having my picture taken with the 1981 Pork Queen when the Illinois Pork Council sponsored a home football game. I was passed up the bleachers at an away basketball game at Western Illinois, got abused by Bennie the Blue Demon at a basketball game against DePaul at the, then, Rosemont Horizon stadium, and accidentally tackled one of our lineman as we ran the team out of the locker room at Indiana State as the sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t see. I had a great time being the Redbird and I proudly tell everyone about this unique highlight from my college days.