Illinois State Marketing Professor Emily Goad’s paper “The Good, the Bad and the Effective: A Meta-Analytic Examination of Selling Orientation and Customer Orientation on Sales Performance” has been nominated for the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management’s (JPSSM) 2014 paper of the year award.

In her paper, which appeared in the fall 2014 issue, Goad wrote about the concept of customer orientation (CO) and how it is a focal construct in marketing and sales literature. This study synthesizes empirical evidence from 1982 to 2013 to provide insight into the antecedents and consequences of both CO and selling orientation (SO). A conceptual meta-analytic model based on research into interpersonal motive models is proposed and tested using effect sizes from 126,790 salesperson survey responses to advance theory development on our understanding of how SO and CO behaviors affect organizations.

Goad points out that findings show that adaptive selling mediates the impact of both SO and CO, which has important practical implications for hiring and training salespeople. Furthermore, this study shows that goal orientations are antecedents of SO and CO and that the impact of SO on job performance varies by customer type.

Goad joined the Department of Marketing and the Professional Sales Institute in August 2014. She holds a Ph.D. in marketing, with a minor in statistics, from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Throughout her doctoral program, Goad was recognized by multiple marketing societies as a rising talent in marketing academia. Specifically, she was a 2011 and 2013 Doctoral Fellow for the National Conference in Sales Management, winning best paper awards both years. In addition, she was a 2013 Society for Marketing Advances Doctoral Fellow.

Goad has also been recognized by the University of Texas at Arlington for her research and teaching: She received the 2013–2014 best doctoral student research award from the marketing department and the 2013–2014 College of Business Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate award.

Her research interests include customer orientation, salesperson listening, conflict management, and salesperson job performance. Goad has had four different papers accepted at national conferences. Also, she currently has a paper under review at the Journal of Business Research, as well as many other papers nearing the submission stage. Goad reviews for JPSSM, as well as many national conferences.

Before pursuing her Ph.D., Goad worked approximately eight years in sales and financial services, specifically investor relations, auto finance underwriting, and retail banking.