The ISU Annuitants Association (ISUAA), the local chapter of the State University Annuitants Association (SUAA), held its annual meeting on June 10. Gail Lamb was re-elected vice president and Neil Gridley treasurer. Also re-elected were directors Jan Cook and Marie Dawson. Continuing in their positions are Chuck McGuire, president; Jan Bremner, secretary; and directors Roger Cann and Christ Schwelle.

McGuire reported on the role played by SUAA in convincing the Illinois Supreme Court to compel the state to adhere to the constitutional protection of retirement benefits, and gave his analysis of possible future threats to the well-being of University retirees and current faculty and staff. McGuire encouraged contributions to the SUAA Legal Fund.

ISUAA provides an opportunity for retirees, and current employees, to maintain their connection with the University and each other. The next scheduled event is a breakfast on September 2, featuring President Larry Dietz as the speaker. Additional information about ISUAA may be found on the Annuitants Association website.

For more information, contact Chuck McGuire (309) 452-1728 or