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We need your help to identify history of mystery artwork


Blue & Green Collage by Jeanine Abels

We’ve got a history mystery on our hands and we hope you can help!

Earlier this summer, the staff in Property Control alerted us to an art piece that came through its area. Though there was no ownership information that came with the artwork, the eagle-eyed folks in Property Control recognized it as an important art piece. They sent the piece to us in the hopes we could track down the originating unit. We are happy to give this item a home here at Archives, given its local and regional importance. However, we do need to know the ownership history (provenance) of the piece so we can build a record for it.

Why are we so interested in this artwork? Blue & Green Collage is a piece by famed local artist Jeanine Abels. Well-known in the local art community, Abel has ties to Illinois State, Illinois Wesleyan University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her website includes her biography and showcases several of her works. We suspect the item was gifted to a faculty member or a college/department. It’s also entirely possible this piece was never meant to be sent to Property Control. What we need to know is who had this item prior to its arrival at Property Control so that we can determine the best course of action for the preservation of this artwork.

Help us solve a history mystery! Do you recognize this piece? Can you give us more information on its ownership history? Give us a call at (309) 438-3546 or email us at