by Jeff Hill

Annually, the Laboratory Schools at Illinois State University serve as a clinical site for over one third of the clinical hours on campus. Future teachers observe, tutor, coach, teach, and are involved with a range of activities that help them develop as professional educators. Below is data that illustrates the clinical work that is being done in the Laboratory Schools:

Department Clinical Hours
Art 102.00
Communication Sciences & Disorders 132.00
Family Consumer Sciences 160.00
Health Sciences 85.00
History 3,874.00
Kinesiology & Recreation 1,866.00
Mathematics 1,729.00
Music 1,369.00
Physics 1,080.00
School of Teaching & Learning 23,050.50
Special Education 1,080.00
Technology 7.00
Theatre 574.00
Totals 35,108.50


In addition to facilitating clinical experiences, faculty associates conduct professional development sessions for our clinical students that help them become better prepared for student teaching. Below is a list of faculty associates and administrators who led professional development and the corresponding session.

Title Instructor School
Advanced Social Science Lesson Planning Dr. Bob Fitzgerald, Jean Gorski, Jim Kelly, Kirsten Hany, Kate Pole U-High
CCSS & Integrated Units Crystal Patterson, Michelle Mueller Metcalf
Common Core State Standards and Standards Based Grading Christine Paxson Metcalf
Creating Assessments for the Math and Science Classrooms Rachel Johnson, John Neisler U-High
Critical Questioning in the Classroom Dr. Bob Fitzgerald U-High
Effective Classroom Management Cory Culbertson U-High
Effectively Using Technology in the Classroom Jim Kurz U-High
Extra-Curricular Experiences at U-High…and Beyond! Mike Sondgeroth U-High
Flipped Classrooms Luke Luginbuhl U-High
Getting the Most Out of Your 216 Experience Trevor Von Bruenchenhein U-High
Google Classroom April Davenport, Mandy Stalets Metcalf
How to Integrate Literacy Into a Math and Science Classroom Ronda Wilder, Jennifer Kane Metcalf
Improving Questioning in the Classroom Kevin Thompson, Laura Sellers U-High
Is That Legal? Classroom Management Scenarios Andrea Markert, Steve Evans U-High
Laboratory Management & Incorporation of NGSS Standards Melissa Doellman U-High
Lesson Planning with Objectives and Assessments Aligned to Standards Suzie Thetard, Mark Adams, Shannon Maney, Ben Webb, John Cooper, Shyla Anderson, Cassie Graham U-High
Love and Logic Ginnell Barke, Jenny Frank Metcalf
Making the Most of Small Group Time Chris Culbertson Metcalf
Math Potpourri Vickie Graziano, Laura Lancaster U-High
Nuts and Bolts of Class Routines Laura Erickson, Tisha Ortega U-High
Promoting Discussion in Science Courses Elise McCarren U-High
Resume Writing and Interviewing Amy Coffman Metcalf
Second Step Melissa McClelland Metcalf
SLP Supports for Students in Gen Ed Classrooms Rachel Matyasse Metcalf
Special Education Lisa Kendall, Ryan Weichman Metcalf
Teacher Evaluation Lisa Kendall, Ryan Weichman Metcalf
Teaching Driver’s Education Jeff Wollenweber U-High
Tech Tools in PE Maria Pessman, Ryan Klier U-High
The First Day of Class Mike Henning U-High
Understanding the Job Search and Interview Process Jeff Hill Metcalf & U-High
What I Wish I Knew in My First Year Andrew McDowell U-High
Using Google Sketchup Brad Dearing U-High