The Normal Reality exhibition exposes the campus community to contemporary art in places they normally visit to shift the public’s perspective on how, where, and when they can view art.

Milner Library and University Galleries have collaborated to explore inventive ways to provide sustainable and accessible art for diverse communities at Illinois State University. Because of its flexibility in presentation and familiarity in format, video-based artwork is the perfect medium to capture the attention of unsuspecting viewers, and to transform passive viewing into engagement and curiosity.

University Galleries is partnering with Milner Library to display videos on the third floor landing of the stairwell from August 3 through October 12.

The videos selected for Milner Library are very accessible, with colorful, entrancing visuals and subjects.  The continuously running video features 12 artists from North America and Europe, whose embrace of popular digital technologies raises questions about normalcy in the age of accessibility.

This project is organized by University Galleries’ curator Jason Judd and is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council.