Students, avoid the flu this year by getting the seasonal flu vaccine. Students will receive an email when the flu vaccine is available.

Student Health Services will offer a new, convenient option: Mobile Flu Shot Clinics. Students can view the Mobile Flu Shot Clinic website to find a location on campus near you! This year, the cost of the flu vaccine is $15. Most insurance will cover this preventive care. For questions about submitting to your primary insurance or the Student Health Insurance plan’s coverage of the flu vaccine, contact Student Health Insurance Specialists at (309) 438-2515.storiesSSBbuilding

Once you receive the email, you can visit a mobile clinic, or schedule an appointment at the Student Health Services clinic online or by phone at (309) 438-2778. Updates about the Mobile Flu Shot Clinics will be coming soon!

Check out Student Health Services to learn more about our clinic, pharmacy, and student health insurance.