The ReggieNet login page

Clearing your browser cache can restore access to ReggieNet after a system outage.

After a ReggieNet outage, there are things you can do to make sure you can access ReggieNet properly. During an outage, a notice will appear in place of the regular ReggieNet login page. Occasionally, that page can get “stuck” in your browser, preventing you from logging in even after the system has been restored.

A cache is a place where your browser keeps the things like text and images it has already downloaded, so web pages load faster on the next visit. When you first visit a website, the browser will download images, like a logo, so that it can be displayed. Every time you visit a different page on the site, the logo does not need to be downloaded again, as long as the same logo is displayed, because the browser cache has already downloaded it.

By refreshing your browser cache, you are allowing the most current version of ReggieNet to be seen on your browser. How to do this depends on what browser you are using.

The Technology Support Center offers instructions on how to refresh the cache for several different Windows and Mac programs:

How do you know if ReggieNet is back in service?  The best way is to check You can also subscribe to email and text alert messages through that site.

We appreciate everyone’s continued patience as our partners in Administrative Technologies work to fix ongoing issues with ReggieNet.