The Dean of Students Office October student spotlight is Michael Binder, a senior nursing major. Binder first learned of the Dean of Students Office before he even moved to campus, as he prepared to live on the Leadership and Service floor. Living on the floor served as his “gateway” to the Dean of Students Office, and specifically to Leadership and Community Connections.

Binder became involved with Alternative Spring Break, first as a participant his sophomore year and now as a trip leader. He says that working with Alternative Breaks has helped him discover what kind of leader he is and how to influence others. He explains that what he has enjoyed most about Alternative Breaks is that it is “strong, direct action while advocating for change.”

According to Binder, the Dean of Students Office staff members have been “integral” to his growth as a leader, challenging him to inspire others while providing his own direction. He stresses that the Dean of Students Office also provides many resources, not only for involvement, including the Dean on Duty. Binder explains that this is a huge resource for students that “can provide guidance through any situation.”

Binder advises other students to “take the initiative to find out how to get involved. Many people think that college is just about getting your degree, but that means nothing without your experience. Those experiences with other people and with situations make you a more holistic person.”