Grab your friends and join Campus Recreation for its first RB 500 Fitness Challenge. This fitness event will test participants’ physical and mental strength, as well as their perseverance.

The RB 500 Fitness Challenge will be from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Saturday, November 7, at the Student Fitness Center in the HIIT Zone (3rd floor of Student Fitness Center) and Sport Courts A/B. Each two-person team can register online at the Campus Recreation website October 1–31 or at the Welcome Center of the SFC. The fee is $5 per person for students and members.

“Whether you’re an elite athlete or just beginning, Campus Recreation has something for you,” said Assistant Director of Fitness Alana Harris. “This is an inclusive event where finishing is a victory for some and being first is a goal for others.”

The challenge consists of a series of three workouts: the Spartan, the Warrior, and the Beast. Each series is a full-body workout and will progressively become more challenging. The main principle of the RB 500 Fitness Challenge is teamwork. The workouts are performed in teams of two and are held on a single day. The top three teams in each division—men, women and co-ed—will be recognized.

Grab a friend and start training today! For more information, visit the fitness section of the website at or call (309) 438-3887.