Illinois State University has launched Redbird Scholar, a new magazine focused on the research, scholarship, and creative expression of faculty, staff, and students.

About 5,000 copies of the 22-page print publication were mailed this week to faculty, staff, other members of the Illinois State community, peer institutions, and select business, government, and nonprofit officials. All of the magazine’s content and a PDF of the magazine are now available online at

The biannual magazine will publish each fall and spring. It features stories, profiles, and Q&As on the most interesting and impactful researchers at the University. Other sections highlight research grants procured by the University, and books and recordings produced by Illinois State faculty. Readers can interact with the magazine by submitting serious or silly questions to our faculty experts.

The Redbird Scholar is a rebirth of the Illinois State Scholar. The University’s former research magazine last published in 2002 after a 12-year-run. The new magazine was produced by University Marketing and Communications in cooperation with Illinois State’s Federal Government Relations, Graduate School, Media Relations, Provost’s Office, Research and Sponsored Programs, and State Governmental Relations.

John Baur talks with WGLT General Manager Bruce Bergethon at the launch of the Redbird Scholar.

John Baur talks with WGLT General Manager Bruce Bergethon at the launch of the Redbird Scholar.

“This inaugural issue of Redbird Scholar is our first step in revealing the secrets that are research and graduate studies at Illinois State,” writes magazine board member John Baur, interim associate vice president for Research and Graduate Studies, in an introductory letter for the magazine. “The stories highlighted in this issue represent an introduction to the rich and ever-changing story of research, scholarship, and creative activities on campus. Every six months, with each new issue, we will add another chapter to the story.”

Here are five things you will discover in the first issue of the Redbird Scholar:

  1. Illinois State is conducting research around the world.
  2. Illinois State students are doing research on important topics like climate science while working closely with faculty researchers. 
  3. Research isn’t just a professor doing hard science in a laboratory. 
  4. The University has experts in extraordinarily diverse fields. 
  5. Professors are bringing in lots of money to the University through research grants. 

Share your research with us

Are you engaged in interesting research? Do you have an upcoming art exhibition or concert? Are you coming out with a new research paper, book, audio recording, or film? Please tell us. We want to hear about it.

Contact Editor-in-Chief Kevin Bersett at or (309) 438-4329 with research projects that we can feature in the magazine. You can also tweet your research to us at @ISUResearch by using the hashtag #RedbirdScholar.

“We would like the Redbird Scholar to be more than just a magazine,” Bersett said. “We hope to provide another forum where people within and outside the Illinois State community can discuss and share the impactful research that is happening on campus.”

To keep up with research news between issues, be sure to follow @ISUResearch on Twitter and look for more research stories at