Illinois State University has faculty experts in hundreds of fields. Do you want to know about bicycle history, the antebellum period, or the Gilded Age? We have those covered and another 34 areas of history. Do you need experts in economics, education, nursing, politics, or the natural sciences? We have professors specializing in those subjects, too.

Media Relations’ newly updated Faculty/Staff Resource Guide is your one-stop source for Illinois State’s experts. The online database allows users to search for experts in all of the University’s colleges, departments, and schools. Each entry lists the professor’s title and contact information.

The University created the tool to help journalists easily find experts to interview. The database could also prove useful to current and prospective students who want to know whether Illinois State has an expert in their area of interest. Faculty and staff may find it helpful as well when looking for collaborators or sources on a specific topic.

The guide is updated annually to account for arriving and departing professors. Check it out at For more information about Illinois State’s experts, contact Media Relations.