Redbird fans have a new and unique way to support Illinois State student-athletes while also classing up their wardrobe.

Between now and November 15, a limited edition Illinois State Redbird-themed blazer is being offered through a one-time crowdfunding campaign. The University is partnering with Blaze-in Sportswear, with 10 percent of the proceeds going toward the Weisbecker Scholarship Fund.

men's version of the blazer

A closer look at the men’s version of the blazer.

“This is a great promotion for a high-quality product that also supports the University’s services,” said Steve Young from Blaze-In. “We hope fans don’t miss this opportunity to sport their ISU pride in style.”

If you are unfamiliar with crowdfunding, an order goal is set but participants are not charged and the orders are not produced until that number is reached. In the case of Illinois State, Redbird fans must collectively purchase at least 50 blazers to receive their orders.

The custom-made blazer is lined in red and white and features the Illinois State University seal embroidered on one inside pocket and the Redbird Athletics logo on the other. Gold “ISU” printed buttons adorn the outside of the jacket.

The Weisbecker Scholarship Fund, named after former Athletics Director Milt Weisbecker, pays for all Redbird student-athlete scholarships and helps contribute to the ongoing athletic and academic success of the athletic department.

The blazers—men’s and women’s—are available for $279.