How many Redbirds do you have in your family tree?

Carol (Kinsella) Young ’68 and her three daughters are among at least 14 members of their family who’ve attended Illinois State University. Their Redbird Legacy family was featured in the video above at the inaugural Legacy Brunch during Family Weekend on October 4, 2015.

Young’s daughters are Katy (Young) Killian ’92, M.S. ’14; Sarah (Young) Gardner ’95; and Molly (Young) Meier ’00. One of their favorite traditions is attending the Homecoming parade together every year.

“We’re close already, but it just makes us closer because we’re able to share the same type of memories and talk about things that we understand because we all went to school here,” said Gardner.

Young has high hopes that one of her grandchildren will also attend Illinois State.

“I certainly hope that our Redbird legacy continues into the next generation,” said Killian.

If you or a member of your family attended Illinois State University, and you either are a current student or an alumnus of Illinois State, then you are a Redbird Legacy.

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