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M.F.A. student (re)visions possibilites of post-black art

WGS graduate certificate candidate and Jan Brandt Gallery guest curator Venise Keys (right) with artist and guest at opening reception.

Curated by Master of Fine Arts and women’s and gender studies (WGS) graduate certificate candidate Venise Keys, (Re)Vision: What Is Post-Black Art? opened November 14 at Jan Brandt Gallery in Bloomington.  

The stated mission for the exhibition is to contribute to the conversation of post-black art by (1.) showcasing emerging African-American artists exploring affirming possibilities of black identity in their art and perception as producers; (2.) bringing awareness to African-American art history by examining the efforts of black artists, collectives, and movements; and (3.) discussing privilege, power, and access to knowledge for artists of color in the academy.

Detail of "Blue" by Allison Gragg.

Detail of Blue by Allison Gragg. (Photo courtesy of Ken Chiu)

(Re)Vision: What Is Post-Black Art? showcases early career artists with academic training ranging in overall experience. The selected works demonstrate a variety of subject matter and aesthetic approaches that critically interact with materials, process, and how they connect to re-present understandings of black identity in the world.

(Re)Vision: What Is Post-Black Art? was funded in part by a Friends of the Arts grant.

As a women’s and gender studies graduate certificate candidate, Keys has shown at the Rachel Cooper Gallery of the women’s and gender studies program. A culmination of her WGS 400: Independent Study, Keys exhibited a solo show, Habits of Survival, which ended in February 2015.

An artist talk for (Re)Vision: What Is Post-Black Art? will take place Wednesday, November 18, from 7-9 p.m. at Jan Brandt Gallery. The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, November 28.