Livia Stone
, ANT, has a new article out in the current issue of Visual Anthropology Review titled “Suffering Bodies and Scenes of Confrontation: The Art and Politics of Representing Structural Violence.”

Craig McLauchlan and Marjorie Jones, CHE, co-authored “An Additional Method for Analyzing the Reversible Inhibition of an Enzyme” for Current Enzyme Inhibition.

Timothy Lash and Gregory Ferrence, CHE, co-authored “adj-Dicarbachlorin, the First Example of a Free Base Carbaporphyrinoid System with an Internal Methylene Unit,” in Chemical Communications.

William Bohn, LAN emeritus, published an article titled “Apollinaire d’un port a l’autre” in Apollinaire: Revue d’Etudes Apollinariennes.

T.Y. Wang, POL, presented a co-authored paper titled “Taiwan Citizens’ Views of China: What Are the Effects of Cross-Strait Contacts?” at A New Era in Taiwan: Domestic and International Implications, a conference at the University of Texas at Austin.

Julie Schumacher, FCS, and Jackie Lanier, HSC, presented  “Best-Practice Grant Writing Strategies of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to Establish and Support Community Coalitions,” at the National Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in Nashville, Tennessee.

Susan Burt, ENG, presented “Person-Referring Expressions, Reference Nominals, and Address Nominals: Explorations in a Small Local Corpus” the Third International Conference of the International Network on Address Research, at Texas A and M University, College Station, Texas.

Angela Haas, ENG, presented “Toward a Decolonial Feminist Operating System for Digital Rhetoric Studies” at the Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference at Arizona State University.