Student Health Services (SHS) is fortunate to work with many Illinois State University campus partners. There are many services Student Health Services offers, and luckily we are able to collaborate with other departments to provide these services to students.

We recently worked with Mennonite College of Nursing (MCN) to offer a flu vaccine outreach clinic to the MCN nursing students who gave each other the flu vaccine as an educational component to class work. Once we completed the outreach clinic, various MCN students spent many hours at the Student Health Services clinic administering the flu vaccine.  This partnership allows the MCN students to gain hands-on experience while it helps the SHS staff provide large volumes of flu injections.

SHS also collaborates with the Office of International Studies and English Language Institute (ELI).  The State of Illinois requires that all students entering state universities must be compliant with a number of immunizations.  SHS coordinates campus compliance and ensures that international studies and ELI students have the required immunizations.  SHS works with students that do not hvae records or do not have the proper immunizations.  Additionally, our student health insurance staff provides education about the benefits of the Illinois State insurance plan, how it can work as a primary insurance, or how Illinois State insurance works together with any private insurance they may have.

SHS and the SMART clinic in Department of Kinesiology and Recreation continue to work together for orthopedic and sport related injuries. The SMART clinic provides advanced care for Illinois State students in the areas of prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation for various orthopedic injuries. In most cases, students will be referred to the SMART clinic by an SHS provider, other local physician, or rehabilitation clinic if it is deemed necessary for further evaluation and therapy.  Services offered by the SMART clinic include: orthopedic evaluation and diagnosis, strengthening exercises, stretching protocols, balance training, injury prevention, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilization, electrical simulation, and more.

Student Health Services also collaborates closely with Student Counseling Services as we often refer students that require mental health services. Additionally, we work with other departments in the Division of Student Affairs, such as the Office of the Vice President, Health Promotion and Wellness, Campus Dining, University Housing, Dean of Students, Disability Concerns, Campus Recreation, Career Center, University Police, Student Affairs IT, and the Bone Student Center.

Student Health Services is thankful for the collaboration with all the departments and units at ISU. We look forward to continued partnership in the coming year. Check out Student Health Services to learn about the services we offer!