With the cold weather coming, there also comes snow and ice.

Students, did you know that Student Health Services has a radiology department on campus? Our excellent radiology staff is here when you need to get an x-ray whether due to a sports injury or an accidental slip on some ice.

Students make an appointment with a provider, and if the provider feels it is necessary, an x-ray can be ordered to determine bone or tissue injury or pathology. All x-rays are available for immediate evaluation by an SHS clinician, and are fully interpreted by an off-site radiologist.

Should you need continued care off campus; a digital copy of your exam will be provided to you upon request by showing your photo ID and at no additional charge.  X-rays are included in the $11 front-door fee, and most times there are no additional fees associated.

The department is staffed by licensed radiographers and is inspected by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s Department of Nuclear Safety.  This certification ensures the quality, safe radiographic procedures are performed in the department.

If you believe you may need an x-ray call Student Health Services at (309) 438-2778 to schedule an appointment or online. If you do not see a convenient appointment online, please call the number above to schedule an appointment.