For Illinois State sophomore Michael Padilla, fast-paced and busy are two words that put a smile on his face as he loves being very involved on campus. Padilla is a human resources major from Chicago and is heavily involved in the Diversity Advocacy (DA) unit in the Dean of Students Office. He was first introduced to the Diversity Advocacy Organizations while attending Festival ISU.

Currently, Padilla is involved in the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Black and Latino Male Movement, Multi-Ethnic Cultural and Co-Curricular Programming Advisory Committee (MECCPAC), as well as the ISULeads Leadership Certificate Program. Padilla has utilized his business background by taking on the treasurer position for ALAS and the Black and Latino Male Movement.

What Padilla loves about the Dean of Students Office is the instant connections he made with the staff and the office’s close family feeling. He finds the DA office in particular very relatable, saying that it “is like a second home.” Padilla encourages all students to utilize the resources and connections that the Dean of Students Office, Diversity Advocacy, and their student organizations provide.