The Metcalf School chess team competed at this year’s Martin Luther King Tournament held at Illinois State University. Twenty-eight Chesscats participated in the event, and 12 earned trophies.

In Lower Primary (K–first grade), Metcalf delivered a third-place finish, led by Elle Alsman, Eliot Ash, Ezra Hensleigh, Greyson Thome, and John Lambert.

In Upper Primary (second–third grades), Metcalf  took third place as a team. Grant Davison-Linton, Emalee Alsman, Cecelia Wille, and Keaton Ash each won rating class awards.

In Elementary (fourth–fifth grades), Henry and Montgomery Gold both won trophies in their ratings category, as did Jade Bates in Junior High.

The Prairieland Tournament at Parkside Junior High School will be the next tournament for the Chesscats.