Chloe Kasper

Chloe Kasper

Chloe Kasper is a sophomore public relations major and Latino/a studies minor at Illinois State University. She grew up in Chicago Ridge, a small southwest suburb of Chicago, before venturing to Central Illinois to pursue her studies at Illinois State. Kasper chose to come to Illinois State for many reasons, most prominently, as she said “the prestige of the academic programs and opportunities available for students.” She added that when she visited campus, she felt at home.

Her first exposure to the Latin American and Latino/a studies program was in a general education course, SOC 109: Introduction to Latino Studies. “Since then, I have never looked back.” she said. Kasper appreciates the added value that being a part of the program has brought to her educational experience.

Specifically, she expounded on the role SOC 109 has had in her growth within the program. After taking the course in fall 2014, Kasper was selected to be a teaching assistant for one section of the course in spring 2015. “The course content provides all students, despite their backgrounds, with the tools necessary to develop a new perspective,” she said. “The content discussed is always changing, aiming to stay relevant and up-to-date on topics that are currently being discussed and altered in our world, while also revolving around main concepts that can be uncovered within all the areas the class discusses.”

Kasper has been able to draw on what she has learned and how she has grown as she works toward her career goal of becoming a public relations professional. She feels that the new perspective and the relevance of the program have contributed to her professional toolbox and that she will be more equipped to face a changing world.

“All in all, this program has provided me with opportunities I could have only dreamed of, while also introducing me to others in the program that have helped and continue to help in making my college experience full of cherished memories and life-changing moments.”