ReggieNet looks cleaner and sports some exciting new enhancements, thanks to a significant software update installed over winter break.

ReggieNet was also migrated to an off-campus hosting environment. ReggieNet is now powered by the latest version of Sakai, the software that runs “under-the-hood.” The upgrades allow ReggieNet to take advantage of new features and fixes developed by the open-source community of developers behind Sakai. It also means that ReggieNet will play better with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Accessing ReggieNet

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, which provides support for instructors using ReggieNet, recommends that users access it directly through Users can also access ReggieNet through the and portals.

ReggieNet screenshot

Customize which courses are seen at the top of ReggieNet’s screen.

Finding spring 2016 courses

Users will see some of their courses listed in large buttons in the banner area at the top of the screen. However, only a few courses may be displayed at one time, and they may not be the most current ones. To change this menu area, click on the More Sites button, and then select Preferences. This will take you to a screen where you can drag and drop your active sites into the My Workspace area. Please note: Students only see ReggieNet course sites after the site has been published by the instructor.

Tool name changes and menu order

Another big change—the names of some of the tools used in ReggieNet. This occurred as part of the migration, and these names now reflect those used by the Sakai developer community.

Previous Name New Name
Course Mail Messages
Email Tool Email
Calendar Schedule
Discussions Forums
Feedback PostEm
Gradebook Gradebook 2
Lessons Builder Lessons
Resources & Materials Resources
Site Editor Site Info

Instructors now have the ability to customize the left-hand menu where these tools are listed. Students should expect the navigation in each of their course sites to be organized slightly differently.

Mobile friendly

ReggieNet is more mobile-friendly.

ReggieNet is more mobile-friendly.

ReggieNet now has a mobile view and plays better with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Users will be directed to mobile view whenever they log into ReggieNet from their smart device (users can always switch to the full view). This is a great way for students and instructors to check grades, announcements, and schedules.

Note: Students are still discouraged from taking tests on their mobile devices because the data is sometimes handled incorrectly. Online tests work best (and students may learn more!) when taken on a desktop or laptop computer.

Enhancements for instructors

Several of the tools teachers use to create online lessons and tests were tweaked as part of the ReggieNet upgrade. Instructors can learn more about these new and improved features on CTLT’s ReggieNet instructional support pages.

Get help

The work performed over the holiday break ensures greater stability for ReggieNet. However, if students or instructors still need technical assistance, they should contact the Technology Support Center at or call (309) 438-HELP.