Start the New Year off right by creating positive exercise habits to carry you through the year in the small group training class, New Year, Fitter You.

Finding something you enjoy doing with the support of others is key to making exercise part of your everyday life. This class is just what you’re looking for. Led by Campus Recreation personal trainers, this program will be held in a private space to ensure that participants are comfortable.

“In the beginning of a New Year, we always see a lot of participants set goals to start exercising,” said Alana Harris, assistant director of fitness. “This class will help provide a consistent, supportive structure to increase the likelihood that those goals become habit.”

Classes will be held at the Student Fitness Center from 5-6 p.m. on Mondays, January 25 through February 15,  Cost is just $20 for students and members, but be sure to register by January 22. For more information, visit the Fitness section of the website at or call (309) 438-3887.