Assistant Director of TechZone Liam Doherty is the recipient of the 2016 Williams Outstanding Technology Service Award. He will be honored at the Founders Day Convocation on February 18.

Photo of Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty

Members of the selection committee chose Doherty because of his work on the front line of service for the personal and University-owned technology used by students, faculty, staff, and annuitants. They believe his work is an example of how IT staff can make an extraordinary contribution to the University in the area of technology support.

“He clearly has a natural talent for working with faculty, students, and parents, who are highly stressed about technology issues,” said Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies Mark Walbert.

Letters of support for Doherty’s nomination testify that he is well known to students, faculty, and annuitants as someone who can help them out quickly and professionally. Supporters also stated that he exhibits excellent problem solving skills, offers exceptional customer service and value, and is an excellent source of knowledge for those working out what the best technology is for their needs.

The Williams Outstanding Technology Service Award was established in 2001 by David B. and Kay O. Williams to recognize an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the University in the area of technology and service. The purpose of the Williams Outstanding Technology Service Award is to provide significant recognition and a monetary award to a staff person who has made extraordinary contributions to the University in the area of technology support that has a direct impact on scholarly activities of students and/or faculty at Illinois State.