The Laboratory Schools at Illinois State University are truly a living laboratory and are always working to improve every aspect of the schools. That includes the exemplary education provided to the Metcalf and University High students, and the professional development the Laboratory Schools provide to the future teachers.

Here is a listing of what each school provided in fall 2015 to help future teachers prepare for the field:

Metcalf, fall 2015

April Davenport, Andy Goveia, and Mandy Stalets — Google in the Classroom
Chris Culbertson — Differentiation: Different Ways to be Different
Susi Beard — Introducing Your Students to the Wonderful World of Writing
Beth Gordon — Technology in the Early Elementary Classroom (Imaginarium)
Brittney Minton and Amy Schumacher — Driving Your Elementary Science Block Using NGSS
Jan Harrell, Lisa Kendall and Tami Scherer — What All Teachers Should Know About Supporting Students with Disabilities
Rachel Wells — Phonological Awareness
Rachel Wells — Phonics Instruction
Rachel Wells — Comprehension Instruction
Mandy Stalets, Jennie Frank — Assessment Design: Method
Amy Schumacher — Community Connections
Crystal Patterson — Before, During, and After Reading to Your Class
Crystal Patterson — Setting Up Reader’s Workshop

University High School, fall 2015

Vickie Graziano — Math Potpourri
Jim Kurz and Kate Pole — To Tech or Not to Tech: Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom
Bob Fitzgerald, Jean Gorski, Kate Pole, Jim Kelly, Kirsten Hany, and Trevor Von Bruenchenhein — Advanced Social Science Lesson Planning
Bob Fitzgerald — Critical Questioning in the Classroom
Maria Pessman — Tech Tools in PE
Ben Webb, Cassie Graham, and Shannon Maney — Lesson Planning with Objectives and Assessments Aligned to Standards
Kevin Thompson and Laura Sellers — Improving Questioning in the Classroom
Melissa Doellman and Maggy Proctor — Designing Effective Student Centered Laboratories in Science
Andrea Markert and Steve Evans — Is That Legal? Classroom Management Scenarios
Luke Luginbuhl — Writing a Science Lesson Plan from the NGSS
Mike Henning — The First Day of Class
Elise McCarren — Promoting Discussion in Science Courses
Tisha Ortega, Angelica Delatorre-Im, and Tara Davis Augspurger — Nuts and Bolts of Class Routines
Trevor Von Bruenchenhein — Getting the Most Out of Your 216 Experience
Rachel Johnson and John Neisler — Creating Assessments for the Math and Science Classrooms (bring your own computer)
Andrew McDowell — What I wish I knew in my first year
Jeff Hill — Understanding the job search and interview process
Jeff Wollenweber — Driver’s Education: A Must for all PE and Health Majors
Karen Valouche and Courtney O’Connor  — Counseling Services for Students Throughout the Year
Amy Reiman and Rebekah Hoffman — Discussion in the Classroom
Jim Potter — Effective Observations
Chris Corpus — The High School Students’ Perspective
Brian Rohman and Gretchen Zaitzeff  — Acing the EdTPA: Lessons Learned
Shyla Anderson — Incorporating Visuals into the Classroom
Steve Paxson — Common core and standards based grading in health and physical education
Gretchen Zaitzeff — Lesson Resource Workshop
Brad Dearing — Using Google Sketchup
Mike Sondgeroth — Extra-Curricular Experiences at U-High … and beyond!

Faculty presentations

The faculty at the Laboratory Schools are always contributing their knowledge, resources, and insight to those outside of the University. The faculty takes the time to research, gather data, and present findings to others.

Here is a listing of what each school’s faculty presented in fall 2015 to help others in the field of education:

Metcalf, fall 2015

Mandy Stalets, April Davenport — How Standards-Based Learning is Changing our School Raising Student Achievement Conference
Andy Goveia — Google It: Just a Little Bit ISU T21 Con: Teaching in the 21st Century
Jodi Nibbelin — i-Devices: Restrictions, Rules and Literacy GEM3 Conference in Pontiac
Kara Story — Importance of Early Literacy Exposure to Children from Birth to 3 McLean County Daycare Association

U-High, fall 2015

Shannon Maney-Magnuson —  Coaching of Literature Illinois Communication & Theatre Association
Brian Rohman — Standards-Based Grading Illinois Communication & Theatre Association
Tara Augspurger and Tisha Ortega — How to Establish a Writing Across the Curriculum Program National Council for Teachers of English