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Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for February 2016:

To the Editor,

I was very pleased to see that there is an effort underway by Professor Michael Gizzi to allow ISU students to have an option to study in Israel and the Palestinian Authority (August 2015).

It is my hope that if approved, this program will be presented in an objective and impartial manner so that students can see all aspects of life in this region and the complexities that surround it.

Rob Festenstein ’92

To the Editor,

I entered ISU (then ISNU) as a freshman in the fall of 1953. Although a non-smoker, I noted the strict warning to all freshmen: No Smoking On Campus. We understood that it was unseemly for a student to smoke, especially a student training to be a teacher.
Some years later, the University tried to “catch up with the times” and allow smoking.

Your August story (“Policy change eliminates tobacco from campus”) makes no moral judgment, saying the prohibition “promotes the health and well-being of Illinois State students, faculty, staff and visitors.” Still a non-smoker, I heartily agree.

Kenneth Janda ’57

To the Editor,

As a former Union Board member under the leadership of Bruce Kaiser, and as a student and later faculty member and friend of President Robert Bone, I was part of the rapid growth of ISU. I am sure both Bruce and Bob would approve of the design concepts of the new Bone Student Center.

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Richard Nimz ’62

To the Editor,

It’s a quote! From Chaucer! I’d go back to the original quote with the old(e) spellings and everything! I think our graduates are smart enough to figure out what it means.

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(“Making of the motto,” November 2015)
William Starkweather ’71