Larry Lyons, Athletics, has been selected to serve as a member of the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee, where he will help coordinate and oversee all aspects of the Division I Baseball Championship.

Several faculty from the Department of History presented at the “Teaching the 20th Century in the 21st Century” on January 29 at the McLean County Museum of History. Monica Noraian presented “Teaching Women’s History;” Patrice Olsen, with graduate students Ryan Melson and Trevor Shields, presented “Asylum, Human Rights, Democracy, and Social Justice: Where are We Going and Why?;” Katrin Paehler presented “The ‘Era of the Witness’ Ends—Holocaust education in the 21st century;” Christine Varga-Harris presented “Soviet Propaganda During the Cold War.”

Ali Riaz, POL, delivered the keynote lecture, “The Age of Intolerance in South Asia; Contextualizing Extremism in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan,” at the South Asia Conference on Pacific Northwest held at the University of Oregon, Portland.

Rebecca Hayes and Peter Smudde, COM, published “The Incident: Not Just Another Organizational Disruption” in the Journal of Public Relations Research.

Liz Miller and Joseph Zompetti, COM, published “After the Prestige: A Postmodern Analysis of Penn and Teller” in the Journal of Performance Magic.

Shelly Clevenger, CJS, co-authored “Topping the Classroom Charts: Teaching Criminological Theory Using Popular Music” in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education. She also published “Mothers of Sexual Assault Victims; How Women ‘Do Mother’ After Their Child has been Sexually Assaulted” in Feminist Criminology.

Juliet Lynd, LAN, published the chapter “Los primeros sabores de Cecilia Vicuña” in Vicuñana: el arte y la poesía de Cecilia Vicuña, un diálogo sur/norte.

Diane Zosky, SWK, published “I Feel Your Pain: Do Batter Intervention Programs Impact Perpetrator’s Empathy for Victims?” in Partner Abuse.

Laurel Perez, ENG, published “Clan of the Crooked Teeth” in Otoliths.

Amish Trivedi, ENG, published “Three Poems by Amish Trivedi” in Hyperallergic.