Melissa Tednes

Illinois State student Melissa Tednes.

Illinois State University Doctor of Audiology student Melissa Tednes was awarded a $1,000 clinical scholarship from the Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA) at its annual convention in Chicago on January 14–15, 2016.

This scholarship is used to pay for tuition, books and other school-related expenses. The scholarship application requires a personal statement, resume, and two letters of recommendation from clinical supervisors that support her performance in clinic.

Four students were awarded this scholarship based on their volunteering at the ILAA conference this year, being a part of the ILAA board, attending an ILAA board meeting and being an ILAA member.

Tednes was the only student from Illinois State to receive this scholarship. She volunteered at this year’s convention, holds a student ILAA membership and represents Illinois State by phoning in to ILAA’s monthly conferences.

Tednes was honored at the convention, and her scholarship was used for this semester’s school expenses. Assistant Professor Scott Seeman from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders watched Tednes receive this award, as he was at the convention promoting the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA) convention later this year.

Congratulations, Melissa!