University High School, an Illinois State Laboratory School, was ranked 25th among all high schools in Illinois and 315th in the United States by Niche.

NicheNiche is a nationally recognized company that has provided annual rankings of schools for the past 14 years. The rankings come from a variety of sources, including student, parent, and resident surveys; school administrators; and government databases. The company researches reviews, polls, and statistics on more than 120,000 K–12 schools. Niche incorporates millions of opinions, statistical factors, and student outcomes to most assess a school’s ranking in comparison with other schools in a “statistically sound manner.”

University High School’s overall Niche “grade” is an A+. While all of the school graded well in all categories, it received an A+ in the categories of academics, teachers, administration and policies, educational outcomes, and extracurriculars. The academic category included assessment of state proficiency in math and reading, AP enrollment, SAT and ACT scores, surveys, advanced math enrollment, and student-teacher ratio.