The spring issue of the Redbird Scholar is out! Our biannual magazine focused on the research, scholarship, and creative expression of Illinois State faculty and students was published Monday online and in print.

Here are five things you will discover in the second issue of the Redbird Scholar:

  1. An Illinois State shoulder expert has become a secret star in Major League Baseball.
  2. ISU professors are solving the crime lab conundrum.
  3. A research team has created the first digital mapping curriculum in the nation targeted at improving the STEM skills of elementary students.
  4. English Professor Jan Susina reveals the secrets and origins of some of the world’s most famous children’s tales.
  5. A Redbird Scholar was part of a team that won the race to discover the first receptor in the brain that helps animals use the planet’s magnetic field to navigate.

We printed 6,500 copies of the 24-page print publication. Copies have been mailed to faculty, staff, other members of the Illinois State community, peer institutions, and select business, government, and nonprofit officials. A limited number of copies are also available at Hovey Hall’s east entrance, Milner Library, Stevenson Hall’s northwest entrance, and the Bone Student Center (near the information desk on the first floor). All of the magazine’s content and a PDF of the magazine can be accessed online at

The biannual magazine publishes each fall and spring. It features stories, profiles, and Q&As on the most interesting and impactful researchers at the University. Other sections highlight research grants procured by the University, and books and recordings produced by Illinois State faculty. Readers can interact with the magazine by submitting questions to our faculty experts.

Share your research

Are you engaged in interesting research? Do you have an upcoming art exhibition or concert? Are you coming out with a new research paper, book, audio recording, or film? Please tell us. We want to hear about it.

Contact Editor-in-Chief Kevin Bersett at or (309) 438-4329 with research projects that we can feature in the magazine or on our website. You can also tweet your research to us at @ISUResearch by using the hashtag #RedbirdScholar.

To keep up with research news between issues, be sure to follow @ISUResearch on Twitter and look for more research stories at