The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.

New Study Maps “Collective Impact” Efforts in Education. Collaborations in which school systems, state and local governments, businesses, community organizations, and nonprofit institutions work together to improve public school education emerged more than a century ago, but they have been attracting renewed attention in recent years. A timely report, Collective Impact and the New Generation of Cross-Sector Collaborations for Education: A Nationwide Scan, describes the current landscape of these endeavors, examining their location, reach, goals and other matters.

Why Non-Academic Needs Matter, Too: A day in the life of a new kind of educator who’s tasked with revitalizing one of New York City’s campuses by supporting kids’ health, attendance, and family lives. (The Atlantic).

2016 College Changes Everything Conference: Reminder: Proposals Due March 31st. You can play an active role in shaping the 2016 College Changes Everything (CCE) conference – Aligning Attainment with Employer Engagement and Economic Growth – by submitting a proposal. Share your insights, experiences, and creative solutions by submitting an interest session proposal showcasing programs, resources, and partnerships impacting student success. Please complete the session proposal form which is attached and available on the conference web page.