If you were around during spring break last week, you may have smelled smoke and noticed a large burn going on.

Not to fear! It was just the Facilities Grounds crew completing a controlled burn of Pheasant Creek. Each year they apply for a burn permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to complete this controlled burn during spring break—weather permitting of course.

Burning Pheasant Creek every year helps to control weed seeds, small woody plants, rejuvenate the area and  helps to enhance wildlife habitat. Three to four Grounds workers monitor the burn each day and are in contact with the Normal Fire Department, Illinois State University Police Department, and the Heating Plant to close off fresh air vents.

2 thoughts on “Grounds crew completes Pheasant Creek controlled burn

  1. Andre says:

    Where is the Pheasant Creek located?

  2. It runs along the backside of the Carter Harris Building off Gregory St, U-High and by Tri-Towers.